Welcome to the Florida Drikung Dzogchen Community's (DDC) Website

 The Florida Drikung Dzogchen Community is pleased to announce teachings from Ven. Gape Lama (Lama Thubten Nima). He will visit the Drikung Dzogchen Community from September 26th through September 30th.  Gape Lama's teachings will focus on the practice of Tsewang Dzinpa from the Yangzab cycle. Gape Lama is an expert on the Yangzab cycle. His biography can be found here.
All teachings will be at Ron Erichson's home at 1072 Winter Lane. These teachings are open to everyone, but it is necessary to either receive the Tsewang Dzinpa empowerment on Friday evening or have previously received it to attend the teachings. The schedule is as follows: 

          Thursday, September 26 

2-5:00p: practice session (only open to those who have previously received the Tsewang Dzingpa empowerment, which will be given on Friday evening)
7-9:00p: Teachings on the history of the Yangzab and how the cycle is traditionally practiced 

Friday September 27
7-9:00p: Tsewang Dzinpa empowerment 

Saturday September 28
10a-12:00p: teachings/practice from Tsewang Dzinpa long sadhana
2-5:00p: teachings/practice from Tsewang Dzinpa long sadhana

Sunday September 29

10a-12:00p: teachings/practice from Tsewang Dzinpa long sadhana 
2-5:00p: teachings/practice from Tsewang Dzinpa long sadhana
Monday September 30 

2-5:00p: Torma building workshop
7-9:00p: Tsewang Dzinpa pith instructions from the root text
Preregistration is encouraged. To preregister or if you have any questions, please email ddc.florida@gmail.com. The suggested donation for these teachings is $40 for the empowerment and $25 per teaching session or $225 for the entire retreat. No one will be turned away due to a lack of funds.

  We are a community of Buddhist practitioners founded in 2001 by Venerable Ontul Rinpoche and are located in Tallahassee, FL.

We meet for regular meditation practice on Sunday afternoons, hold occasional practices on other days, and host teachings from visiting lamas throughout the year. 

Our regular practice on the second, third, and fourth Sunday of the month is open to everyone. On the first Sunday of the month we practice a text that requires transmission from a qualified teacher. We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in attending or have any questions.

For more information on our weekly practice schedule, please visit this page.