Major Changes

The practice of Tibetan Buddhism is not recession proof-- and thus we are no longer meeting at the Tallahassee Tibetan Center at 1103 Hays Street. Sincere thanks to everyone who supported our attempt to build a little Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Tallahassee.

Change is good. We will be working with The Tallahassee Buddhist Community AKA "TBC" in Railroad Square to offer programs specifically tailored for people new to Tibetan Buddhism. We have come to appreciate how bewildering and complicated Tibetan Buddhism can be, and we hope to remedy that with informal courses and programs hosted by the local sangha at TBC. We also plan on using TBC to host a variety of little retreatlets and special practices also focused on people new to Tibetan Buddhism.

We will also be meeting in sangha member's homes to practice and study the core Drikung Dzogchen practices taught by Lho Ontul Rinpoche in his series of DDC teachings. If you have been involved in Ontul Rinpoche's Drikung dzogchen program and wish to practice and study with a group-- please drop us a line.

And of course, we will be hosting our teachers throughout the year. Without the Hays Street center, we will do this in a variety of venues-- TBC, sangha homes, Unitarian Church, etc.-- depending upon the teaching and the expected turnout.

So... despite our challenges, the Iron Rabbit year has much promise!