The DDC Program

Ontul Rinpoche is the incarnation of the elder brother of the great Drikung Kagyu terton and tantric master Orgyen Nuden Dorje, and is an emanation of Khyiu Chu Lotsawa, one of Guru Padmasambhava's twenty-five disciples. He is a master of both the mahamudra and dzogchen lineages of the Drikung Kagyu lineage. With the counsel of other great Drikung lamas-- Pachung Rinpoche, Jamgon Chogyi Nyima, Lho Bongtul Tenzin Nyima and Togden Drodun-- Ontul Rinpoche developed a ten-stage curriculum of empowerments, transmissions and teachings to transmit the tradition of Drikung dzogchen. Source texts are from terton Rinchen Phuntsok, terton Nuden Dorje and the first Chungtsang Rigdzin Chokyi Dragpa. This is a very rare opportunity to receive such rare and precious teachings in such a systematic manner in America.

At the Florida Drikung Dzogchen Community, the following teachings from the ten-stage cycle have been given:
  • Yangzab ngondro
  • Yangzab Three Roots (long and short sadhanas; unelaborated sadhana)
  • Chod: The Chod that Bestows the Rainbow Body and The Magical Net of Samantabhadra.
  • Yangzab Dharmapalas
  • Urgyen Kaldren Drenzey (with Thubten Nyingpo Rinpoche)
Future teachings for the next six stages include the following (not necessary in this order):
  • Dundrol Gyalpo, the "King Who Subdues Maras"
  • Lama Tsewa Zinpa (a secret practice)
  • Dorje Drollo (very secret inner guru practice)
  • Chenrezig (outer, inner, and secret)
  • Amitabha (outer, inner, and secret)
  • Hayagriva (outer, inner, and secret)
  • Five Deity Vajravarahi (outer, inner, and secret)
  • Tummo
  • Luminosity (Clear Light)
  • Dream Yoga
  • Yeshe Santal, "Unimpeded Wisdom", phowa
  • Zhitro (outer, inner and secret)
  • Dzog Rim (perfection stage) with and without signs
  • Khorde Rushan,
  • Kadak Trekcho (Primordial Purity)
  • Lhundrub Thogal (Spontaneous Presence)
  • Long life, Protectors, and Wealth practice (Vaishravana)
These teachings will be bundled accordingly to fit the time constraints of the tours and the needs of the International Drikung Dzogchen Communities-- and to fit within the additional constraint of what has been translated by the Drikung Dzogchen Translation Project.